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My Quest for Perfect Breasts
Since I am making my wish list for Santa, I would also like bigger fuller nipples and areolas.

Which does a better job, BO or PM? Or is that something that is based upon the individual's metabolism?
I am going to shift my program to something similar to a GG's natural cycle. Hopefully this will jump start my development
The plan today is a 28 day cycle
21 days on 1000 mg PM a days 15-17 on 1500 mg /day
I will take a WY mix on days 22-28 and take a 600 mg of WP the entire time
I have been lamenting my development as of late. Until I actuallu looked and felt what I have.
When i do my daily massaging my breasts actually fill my cupped hands with a firm squishy mass of soft supple flesh. They actually feel like I remember how my 1st wife's breasts looked and felt. She only had an A cup with perky nipples that actually had hair growing from them, But I digress.
I was also watching Game of Thrones, which has a lovely amount of both male and female T&A, and noticed many of the younger women have small supple breasts, not much larger than mine. This made me smile to a degree

I then began to think. The women who have the big full round prominent breast i yearn for all have a couple of things thing in common. They are all older and have had children. Which reminded me, in breast development, I am still a young girl and I have the breast of a young girl. If i want the breast of a mature women I need a couple of things.
First I need patience, which i keep asking god for
and B, I need to adjust my NBE to mimic the hormone responses that natal women experience during pregnancy which develop and enlargen their breast tissue in preparation for nursing.

My question to the group is

What NBE products will provide the hormonal response of a natal woman's breast preparing for lactation

My Quest continues
Tale of the Tape

I started my quest for breasts in 2009. Being the science geek I am I wanted to document my progress and the impact the various NBE and Pharma concoctions i have used had on my developement. I finally found my measurement chart and was sad when i did a little comparison
In January of 2009 my band /bust measurements were 42/46. When I measured last week I was 43/48. Not as much development as I had thought.
However, when I compare the pics I took back then to the pics i took a few months back and what I see in the mirror and feel every day, the sadness lifted.
The point of the post is that the story of our development may not be completely told by the changes in our band and bust size. What you and the rest of the world can see and feel tells the real story.
It's worth keeping in mind, generally we have a much wider chest than your average GG. The 2" difference between our breast tissue and band size has to go a lot further. Like you, I look in the mirror and tape measure but I do not see much in changes. But I can sure feel them in my hands.Wink
Me too.
I get so encouraged when I massage my breasts, or look in a mirror or put on my bra, then poof I drag out the dreaded tape to find I've grown nada, zip, nuttin. So your right Janet, there's a lot more real estate for us to fill up. So I'm leaving the tape in the drawer, and loving what I see and feel.
Because I am in impatient American I am increasing my PM to 2000 mg/day across the board. I know I dod not give my female cycle regime a chance to show any signs of working better, but i did have good progress with maintaining my E levels with a steady dose when i was on EstroFem. Hopefully I will see the same results doing the same with PM.
I will stuck with this program until i run out of PM, or I change my mind again.
Isn't it a girls prerogative to change her mind when she wants to? well the PM must be working to some degree.

My plan was up and down for a while, for the PM I settled on 2000mg a day, ( 500 mg, 5 hrs apart ) I do this for 4 weeks, then do a week of just 500 mg daily. I still keep up with everything else in that week thou. I do believe that the week on a low dose does help.
I finally had a change to take a few pics to update my progress
God I am fat, I am almost embarrassed to post these, but here it goes.
I do not look the person who looks back at me in the mirror every morning.

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