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Male Function-an over view thread
(20-01-2016, 09:00 PM)rollerone Wrote: just like to comment on the loss of function twenty plus years of anti-depressants will kill it for sure. changing to different types helped in some respects but still a no go. age will also make a difference I am told because of the low testosterone, so why not faster growth on lower dosage. I also am a crossdreamer with A size breasts and no glands. will budding occur on low dosage?

I have been using about 1000 - 1500 mgs of PM for about a year and three months. I went from a 38 A to a 38 C/40 B. And, am still budding once my doc put me on 50mg Spiro.
Update at 5 1/2 weeks. Sex drive is zero. Breasts now fill out a 44AA
bra. That's new and I like it, but it's an old Amoena mastectomy bra
that I used forms in. I cut out the pockets cause I'm short on money. I
don't particularly like the cut or lift of the bra, but I fill it out. heh. Ok,
that's the good news.

My penis is retracting under my foreskin and getting smaller. I used to be in enforced chastity when I had a partner and when I got horny, I hated being confined. Put myself in my CB6000s yesterday and haven't gotten uncomfortable since. Julie, I'm waiting for the urge to come back, but now it's just locked away and I don't care.

I can unlock it anytime I want, but honestly, right now my chastity doesn't need to be enforced. I was just checking. I'm confused. I'm at the point where I miss orgasms, but then I don't. I think it's time for a break from the PM.
I have been growing/budding at 1000-1500 PM and a DHT blocker. (SP/PSO)

I have been using some PC and prolactin boosters hoping for more nipple development and posibally lactation eventually.

As stated I have maintained function and libido, initially with effort, now all the new systems seem to bring the old systems online so to speak with no further effort on my part. It seems to be learning/adaptation, at least in my case. Smile

Interesting over the last few weeks have noticed

If I take 500mg per pm day , I go slightly depressed and lose general interest in sex, unless wife puts on plate

2000mg per day upwards starts killing function and mood fluctuates in all areas

1000mg per day

erections are always around , mild, but eager, mood , good, energy and bounce,
growth steady,
1000mg per day actually increases sex drive substantially

um ?Blush

Great thread… thanks everyone for the input…
If I crater the T too hard it messes up my balance personally, prolactin is nice, but it can mess up mood.

Having something extra in there that also helps with NBE that addresses mood might help. I have also used 4xGinsing for libido and mood. Though not at the moment.

NBE wise this is it:
2 PM - Phytoestrogen & Amortase/AntiAndrogen
1 SP - DHT blocker
1 Green Tea - Energy, weight loss, differently Estrogenic
1 Maca - Mood, energy, curves. Also counters cortisol depletion. (Caused by high prolactin)

1 Biotin - Because, pretty long hair...
1 Calcium Chew - Bones are nice, figure better safe than sorry...

Evening boost before doing Kang Zhu(3 nights in a row every 2-3 weeks):
(When feeling particularly ambitious, TENS first, nipplefunwear after.)
1 Soy Isoflavones - Different Phytoestrogen
1 Shivarti - Prolactin, nipple growth/sensitivity, etc...
1 Maca
Progesterone Cream (Wild yam) - Nipple growth/sensitivity
MSM/Collagen - structure
I too have fallen upon shrinkage. My body is no longer craving sex like I use too. Male function has gone down alot. G/F is not too happy.I was upset about this, but it proves to me im becoming a women. Im embracing it now. At this rate soon i will longer to be a male, but a women. Im loving what pm is doing. I never thought it could happen. Be careful what u wish for. When u take PM, or BO it alters everything not just boobs. Ive been off of pm for a month now, and my body is still feminizing. Hips, butt, breasts, all now soft. I'm much weaker loss alot of musel mass. Im loving it. I gained weight on pm, my 32 jeans are tight, hips got some meat on them now. Might be time for women jeans, guy jeans don't fit right anymore. Summer is going to be much different this year. No more shirt off, mayb a nice one piece.
When I was budding and sore my balls and cock had shrinkage. I took a week break from rotating PM and BO but kept up my horny goat weed with maca and viagra. My breast soreness and shrinkage stopped. I have impotence from a spinal cord injury and nerve damage. So orgasming is nearly all mental and rehab was completed years ago so improvement is not possible. I cant tell if ejaculate is low. Sexual desire is about half what it was.
Really odd

I am still growing yet taking low doses,

1000mg per day

But as hot and frisky as heck

I think its looking at all the beautiful girls here and being constantly sexually charged from it

This morning I had morning wood as hard as can be for

1.5 hours,


I have had testicle shrinkage, neuropathy in my penis from back trouble, ejaculate lessoning and slow and no erection durring sex. The way I deal with it is with Viagra 100 150 200 mg, jelking, Horny Goat Weed with Maca, and prostate and anal stimulation.

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