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Bad day
(15-10-2016, 05:36 PM)iaboy Wrote: I hear ya brosis.  I just hope one day, that at least my immediate family one day will not only understand, but accept.  I do not ever see me turning in my man card, but I can gladly accept the female side of me.  But I suspect my family can't, or won't quite yet. Sad  But, I am still hopeful for tomorrow.  Always the optimist, eh?

I fully follow you on that line of thought. I just wish society would except us more.
I can relate to the shopping anxiety (guess most males can to a degree), but as any anxiety, it will get better with exposure and practice. I've sometimes chosen and then regreted the easier way of bringing company when shopping for clothes (especially female clothes) and it often turned out to be counterproductive: it helped me to relax and get to it but after that I'd prefer to be alone without the other's suggestions or criticism.

As for the shoes, you guys&gals and your petite feet Big Grin I've got 45/46 so the shoes have always been at the utter end of to-do list. And heels? Impossibility, I would be scraping thy sky! Big Grin 
In fact I've walked in heels only once and it was a powerful experience. I and my ex were on a trip, descending a steep hill, a terrain ill-fitted for the heeled sandals she was wearing. She suggested swapping our shoes. Hers had an open tip so, to my amazement, I could walk in it quite comfortably. And oh, how I felt... delicate, precious, fragile, so very feminine... Blush It was absolutely unprecedented and unexpected. We got down to the village and I strolled the street slowly and silently for a moment, to and fro, totally lost in it, even loathing the fact that there is no audience of villagers to give embarassed looks toSmile When she saw what it's doing to me (and, maybe, how I look being dressed quite androgynously), she lost her good humour and coldly demanded it back...
It's strange to realize  that this happened about a month ago and since then I practically supressed the memory... Bad subconscious, bad!

And as to the restrictive society... well, half of the thrill of the ride would be lost without it, wouldn't it? We can imagine ourselves as torchbearers Wink . Whether it's a torch of freedom or a torch of decadence, I'm still not sure...
I am not sure what size 45/46 is, but I wear a women's 91/2 or 10 depending on style.

I'm sorry your shopping experience didn't go as well as you had hoped.  I understand how frustrating and what a let down it can be.  Please don't let it get to you.  You are an absolutely wonderful and thoughtful person.  Your responses to threads are insightful and helpful.  Your before and after pictures are absolutely amazing regarding how far along you've come.  Way too many positive things that can overshadow the little things.  Smile

At least you know shoe wise, you'll probably have to shop online, which can be hit or miss.  But shopping for clothes shouldn't be an issue, as well as other accessories?

Sorry I am late in responding, I was on vacation last Thursday till Monday, and then we were all sick, and playing catchup with work, no fun.  Anyways, I do hope you're in better spirits!  Hopefully you can stop in the chatroom again sometime!  

Here's a couple more HUGS HUGS cause Bunny hugs are warm and cuddly!!   Blush

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